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KNX LED controller stand


KNX DALI gateway controller stand

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KNX LED RGBW Light dimmer stand

KNX LED RGBW Light dimmer stand. Intelligent KNX smart home system designed to form a real smart home electrical system. This stand offers different modules using them students learn how to properly connect components to each other, accordingly program and test them.
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Technical characteristics:
✓ Integrated LED strip 24V, 19.2 W/m with safety cover
✓ 4 output channels (separate)
✓ 12/24 V DC LED power supply
✓ Compatible with ETS 4/5 software
✓ IP 20 safety class
✓ Dimming frequency 1000 Hz with pulse width modulation
✓ Day/night function
✓ Individual dimming speeds
✓ Automatic colour temperature control
✓ Time dependence automatic dimming
✓ Power supply connection with on/off button, fuse and power outlet to another stand
✓ 6 x 4 mm safety connections
✓ Stand housing thickness 5 mm
✓ Stand housing with laser engraved schematic
✓ Shock-resistant cover, tilted in an ergonomically favourable angle of 15°, for placement on a horizontal working surface
✓ Suitable for installation into a carrying case for storage and safe transport
✓ KNX component structure is visual that students would see real component
✓ Stand component description (component marking) can be done in any language

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