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Pneumatic mechanical button valve

Experience the simplicity and efficiency of pneumatic systems with our Pneumatic Mechanical Button Valve. This compact valve, designed for educational settings, offers a hands-on approach to understanding fluid control mechanisms. Through tactile engagement with the mechanical button, students gain practical insights into the fundamental principles of pneumatic operation. This valve serves as a valuable tool in vocational learning, providing an intuitive introduction to the control aspects of pneumatic systems in diverse applications

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Technical characteristics:

  • Fluid: Air/Inert gas
  • Port size: 1/8”
  • Tube connection 4/2
  • Operating pressure: -1 bar to 1 bar
  • Effective area: 2.5 mm²
  • Temperature range: –5 to 60°C

Supported accessories:

  • Pneumatic training stand/desk (STPN1-1)
  • Pneumatic compressor (PNEAIR1-1)
  • Pneumatic hoses set (PNHO1-1)

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