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Hybrid Solar-Wind Turbine Station

Introducing the ATHJ1-1 Hybrid Solar-Wind Turbine Station – your gateway to hands-on learning in renewable energy. This educational equipment empowers students to dive into the practical aspects of solar and wind technologies, seamlessly integrated with smart features. ATHJ1-1 provides a real-world experience in electrical concepts and system efficiency. Versatile and user-friendly, ATHJ1-1 is your key to understanding and contributing to a sustainable future.


Introducing the ATHJ1-1 Hybrid Solar-Wind Turbine Station – a paradigm shift in renewable energy education. This cutting-edge system seamlessly intertwines solar and wind technologies, offering students a comprehensive understanding through hands-on experiences. The Three-Phase 360W Wind Turbine and Monocrystalline Photovoltaic Solar Panel, with adjustable tilt angles, form the backbone of the system, providing practical insights into energy production.

What truly elevates ATHJ1-1 is its incorporation of intelligent features. Smartphone integration via Victron® Connect offers real-time monitoring, allowing students to grasp intricate details of energy management. The Solax® cloud app further enriches the learning experience by displaying net energy balance when connected to the grid, offering a holistic view of energy dynamics.

The user-friendly interface consolidates controls at the front, ensuring a seamless experience. The Educational Electrical Cabinet houses essential components like circuit breakers and surge protection, fostering a deeper understanding of electrical concepts. The system’s adaptability to both grid-connected and isolated settings, coupled with add-ons like a solar radiation meter, adds layers of practicality, making ATHJ1-1 an indispensable tool for cultivating expertise in sustainable energy applications.


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