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Malfunctions simulation system stand

Malfunctions simulation system stand. Malfunctions simulation system designed to be used with other learning stands. Students can learn how to deal with different malfunctions. This system is ideal for students who want to learn how to deal with malfunctions and prepare themselves for a real system mal function.
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Technical characteristics:
✓ Compatible wit h iOS and Android software
✓ 5 failures are simulated using a tablet or mobile phone
✓ 10 channels for fault simulation are integrated into the system
Compatible with stands:
✓ Langlois SOL EQ1
✓ Langlois SOL EQ2
✓ Langlois SOL EQ3
✓ Langlois SOL EQ4
✓ Langlois SOL EQ5
✓ Langlois SOL EQ6
✓ La nglois SOL EQ7
✓ Langlois SOL EQ8

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